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Peter Murphy's Carver Combo

We prayed long and hard for a new release from Peter Murphy's Carver Combo to whatever gods would listen. As fans, as fellow musicians, as degenerates... we just craved more songs.

Their first album, the phenomenal "One Sin Between Me and the Lord," has been on constant rotation in our stereos since 2005. When we heard that they were reconvening for a new album, we vowed that we would do anything to be involved with the madness. We're happy to announce that... well, that we're involved. Big time.

Peter started sending us songs from the new recording sessions awhile back. They've been working on this thing for quite a long time. Once you hear it, you'll understand why. Our jaws dropped further with every new song that we received. We're genuinely stoked to be able to share it with you.

"Let the Fire In," the second album by Peter Murphy's Carver Combo, will be available for release on Friday, February 17. You can get it through, iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon, or wherever else it is that you people get your music.

A limited amount of CDs have been also produced. Your best bet at snagging one is to catch the band on tour in 2012. If you buy a download of the album directly from the band's website, you'll get all the artwork that came with the CD. Oh, and the band gets more of your money this way, if you care about supporting independent music.

So hold your breath, kids. Hell, put a plastic bag over your head. The wait is almost over.

Your friends, The jerks at GraveWax Records