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Rainer Hass Video / Vinyl

We've posted a video for Rainer Hass' "Das Schiff" (The Ship) on our YouTube Channel. The video was animated by S. Fleming. The video is in German, however we added English subtitles for the German language impaired. This is a small foretaste of the album to come. We know we've said it'll be coming out soon about a billion times, but this time we mean it. Subscribe to the Rainer Hass mailing list to get the newest info on the coming release. While you're in the act of subscribing, subscribe to our YouTube Channel we'll be adding new stuff soon.

We had a meeting recently and decided that from now on, that GraveWax Records will only release first pressings on vinyl. This might sound like bad news to some of you digital/CD fans but will have the vinyl fans rejoicing. In order to keep our digital audience happy, we're offering our own MP3 store at our website in the near future. Our site has been under construction for quite a while, but things like this take time. This doesn't mean that we will fully discontinue having CDs pressed. This new rule only applies to first album pressings, largely due to the fact that no one seems to give a turd about the CD format. Seems you folks have taken to vinyl or MP3s.