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Want us to sign your band?

HEAR YE HEAR YE, minstrels of Hell! We know how you have you been tossing and turning at night wishing your band could be signed by GraveWax Records. Well, we just made that process a little easier for you. Believe it or not, we are actually interested in the in the crap you pukes are putting out. We are looking to expand our enterprise and that's where YOU come in, friend.

We've added a band submission form to our little corner of the web and are looking forward to hearing those long lost songs of despair you put all that time into. We aren't promising anything, but who knows, we might just like what your band has to offer. Before filling out our form read please read our rules and regulations for submitting your band CAREFULLY. None of the information entered will be shared with any third parties and it will only be seen by our A&R people. So have no fear, your deep dark secrets are safe with us, pal.

Like we said, we aren't promising anything, so don't expect us to get back to you. Just fill out the form and be patient. We're looking forward to hearing your music.

To get started, click HERE.

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