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Deutschland 2007 and GraveWax Radio

So my friends, the Route 66 Killers' tour of Deutschland is hovering like a dark cloud over Germany bringing with it the four horsemen of the apocalypse. The final dates for the tour are as follows:

09/14/2007 - Nordhausen, Distille

09/15/2007 - Goettingen, Rodeo Bar

09/21/2007 - Chemnitz, Subway to Peter

09/25/2007 - Frankfurt a.M., Dreikoenigskeller

09/27/2007 - Jena, Cafe Wagner

09/28/2007 - Suhl, Waldfrieden

09/29/2007 - Berlin, White Trash Fast Food

As a reminder their new CD 'Revenge of the Flies' will be coming out on September 13th bringing in it's wake sorrow and gnashing of teeth. We've went and made a special edition CD that will only be available for this tour. For all the American fans, have no fear, the Killers will be touring the States in March of 2008. If any CDs are left over, we'll make them available on our website and for the US tour.

At this moment we'd like to thank our pals, Knucklehead Strings, for sponsoring the Route 66 Killers and helping out with the tour. We've added a brand-spanking new Route 66 Killers concert poster to our merch page. They're full color, a rotten green color with flies all over them and pretty damn big. Buy!

We've updated GraveWax Radio and have added some new songs for your listening displeasure. This months play list includes a lineup of some of our darkest songs on our roster - including: Those Poor Bastards, Sons of Perdition, Colonel Sanders' Grave, Rainer Hass, The Creepniks and the Route 66 Killers. Give 'er a listen, hear? Speaking of Herr Hass, the CD will arise from the mucky swamps of GraveWax in 2008. Sign up for the Rainer Hass mailing list and be one of the distinguished elite in the know about this long anticipated release.

If you haven't already noticed, we've added a blog to our website. Read about our wheelings and dealings and get the latests scoop on what's going on in our small company. Hell, you can even post a comment and leave your mark on our site, like a dog pissing on our tree.

Until next time - we'll see you in Hell!

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