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Look what we dredged up!

There's a lot of random weirdness going on in the back rooms of GraveWax Records this month.

The next chunk of flesh on our slab is "Revenge of the Flies" by those ingrates known as Route 66 Killers. I've heard it and lemme tell you, it's as rough as the skin on my eyeballs and twice as meaty. You'll have it by the end of the year, and that's no idle threat.

We've cleared the last of the copyright issues with the old Rainer Hass material, so we're going ahead with the audio restoration. Save a spot in your music collection for his dour little ditties, as you should find it in your grimy mitts sometime in 2008.

GORE KNOBS, those faithful old friends of GraveWax, have gone the way of the dodo. Police are unsure if it was a triple homicide, suicide/double murder, or a freak accident. You can pay your respects at their makeshift shrine. Never fret, gentle reader, for I'm sure you'll see 'em play again someday in the fiery depths of Hell.

Zebulon Whatley and his damnable ons of Perdition are cavorting about with several unsavory characters, working on some soul-searing tunes for some future album or other. Share in the salvation by picking up their album today. You'll never be able to dodge the full glory of Heaven and Hell unless you can recognize it coming.

Lonesome Wyatt of Those Poor Bastards fame and misfortune is currently nailing together the last few bits of his new solo project, "". While we ain't putting this one out, we'd be some no-taste-having sonsofbitches to not insist that you get yourself a copy anyways.