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GraveWax is Worldwide!

If you heard rumors that GraveWax is a worldwide infection, you'd be right to assume it's true. In recent weeks, GraveWax Records has expanded to Europe. We now have a small distribution outpost/office in the heart of former East Germany which is pretty damn spooky, if you ask us. On the upside, our international orders to Europe will be a bit cheaper, allowing us to keep our already ridiculously low and economically priced products to the bare minimum. And on the downside... well, there ain't no downside!

Slow down there, son! You're gonna have to wait a few weeks before we have all this stuff in order. Then, you can start throwing your hard earned money at us. In the meantime, you should get your ass over to our merch page and check out the fancy new buttons we just got in!

Other happenings:

Old Zeb from Sons of Perdition is is just 'bout finished with his backwoods death country album, "The Kingdom is on Fire". If you wanna get on his nerves and tell him to hurry his ass up, there's a regular dicussion about it HERE. There should be some sample tracks up soon.

The Route 66 Killers finished their tour of Europe and also wrapped up the recording of their new album, "Revenge of the Flies". This one'll be out at the end of 2006. "Why so long"? you ask... 'cause this one gonna have a surprise with it that's gonna take a little time. You'll see what we mean when it's out.

Those Poor Bastards had one hell of a show with Hank III the other day. You can see some pictures and a video of it in the forum.

That's it for now kids, we'll see you in Hell!