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New Releases

Happy New Year! Hank III covered "Pills I took" by Those Poor Bastards in his new album, "Straight to Hell". We'd recommend you go get it, and while you're at it, why not pick up "Country Bullshit" which features the songs as only Those Poor Bastards can deliver,

The Route 66 Killers are also doing a bit of touring this month, with shows in California, Colorado Arizona and Nevada. They also have a Euro-tour slated for May-June 2006. Go to the Killers' web site for more specifics.

The Gore Knobs are out of prison and have started playing shows again, you can find them in some sleazy dive bar in the Dallas area.

New releases for 2006 include:

The Sons of Perdition - The Kingdom is on Fire Rainer Hass - Live aus Leipzig The Route 66 Killers - Revenge of the Flies