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Some worthless piece of spammer doo doo is spoofing our email addresses and sending out spam in our name. The spammer trick of choice these days, email spoofing, uses a faked email header that makes an email message look like the message came from someone or somewhere other than the spammer. It's fairly easy to make an email appear that it's sent from your own address or a seemingly credible source. Spammers use spoofing to get you to open and respond to their mail. Remember, you should never respond to unsolicited email. We never send out email in this nature. You should in no way receive spam from us about enlarging your penis or buying copious amounts of viagra so you can get your fuck on, you old bastard. If you wanna get a boner, buy one of our CDs.

We at GraveWax Records HATE spammers more than we hate people - and that's a lot. We're not going to apologize if you got spam in our name - 'cause it wasn't us. So, if you wanna protest, never buy viagra - just get a boner the natural way. And yes, we'll find this spammer and kill him.