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Peter Murphy's Carver Combo

We prayed long and hard for a new release from Peter Murphy's Carver Combo to whatever gods would listen. As fans, as fellow musicians, as degenerates... we just craved more songs.

Their first album, the phenomenal "One Sin Between Me and the Lord," has been on constant rotation in our stereos since 2005. When we heard that they were reconvening for a new album, we vowed that we would do anything to be involved with the madness. We're happy to announce that... well, that we're involved. Big time.

Peter started sending us songs from the new recording sessions awhile back. They've been working on this thing for quite a long time. Once you hear it, you'll understand why. Our jaws dropped further with every new song that we received. We're genuinely stoked to be able to share it with you.

"Let the Fire In," the second album by Peter Murphy's Carver Combo, will be available for release on Friday, February 17. You can get it through, iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon, or wherever else it is that you people get your music.

A limited amount of CDs have been also produced. Your best bet at snagging one is to catch the band on tour in 2012. If you buy a download of the album directly from the band's website, you'll get all the artwork that came with the CD. Oh, and the band gets more of your money this way, if you care about supporting independent music.

So hold your breath, kids. Hell, put a plastic bag over your head. The wait is almost over.

Your friends, The jerks at GraveWax Records

O Hosanna, the new Sons of Perdition album is finally here!

Ahoy, gentle lambs.

After slaving away for an incalculable number of hours/days/weeks/months/years, I'm finally releasing "Psalms for the Spiritually Dead". It's only available as a download because I'm giving up the material trappings of this world in my ongoing quest to become an esoteric adept. For now, anyways, it won't exist in corporeal form and it won't be available on any of the big sites for a bit. Consider it an exclusive first peek.

The release of the album coincides with a thorough revamp of, wherein I updated a lot of content and added a shopping cart that allows me to sell you music for a lot cheaper. Thank the good LORD and Seth Fleming for collaborating on it.

The new site also lets me give you exclusive free tracks and anything else I feel fit to hand over. You just have to create an account on the site, which is free and secure. If you already have an account, just log in and click on "My Account" over on the right under "Options". This free track, "O Daughter of Babylon", is listed under "Free MP3s". Aside from dimming your day, this free song lets you see how the new shopping cart works without feeling like you're gambling your soul away.

If you listen to the ghastly croak of your conscience and buy the full album of "Psalms for the Spiritually Dead", you also get a PDF of lyrics and photos that will make the most hard-hearted of men weep and rend their clothes. It comes automatically with the download. The whole shebang is available for the holy low price of $7.77, because Jesus just wouldn't let me charge anything more for a ticket down that road of ruin.

I implore you to take a few minutes to poke around the new site. Shine a candle in every corner and peer intently into every inky shadow. Hell, get the new album or even just the free song while you're there. Let this new music hide the lowly sound of your tears as they soak into the dusty floorboards.

Your guiding light in the encroaching darkness, Zebulon Whatley

Psalms for the Spiritually Dead

Psalms for the Spiritually Dead:

The new Sons of Perdition album "Psalms or the Spiritually Dead" will be coming out soon. We haven't set a release date as of yet, but we'll post it soon. The black and vile ink of artist Christoph Mueller is to don the album cover. We've already added the track listing to our site, if you're curious to see which Psalms the loathsome Zebulon Whatley is to secrete unto the world. More info coming soon.

Rosetta Stone Follow up:

The Rosetta Stone exhibiton was a blast and we're happy to have had a small hand in it. We'd like to thank the artists and visitors who came, but we'd especially like to thank Gravewax Records very own Katja for her excellent job in organizing and curating the festival. Without her and the countless hours she dedicated in making it a success, it would have never happened. Click HERE to view the video documentary by Marcus Wachsmuth. The video features a new song by Sons of Perdition which will find its home on a future release.

GraveWax Moved:

We've moved around the last year and our base of operations in the USA is currently located in Arkansas. Our P.O. box is no longer valid, so if you want to send us something, it's best to email us first.

CDs and vinyl:

As mentioned before, we will be releasing new albums on vinyl. After meeting and discussing our options with CDs, we have decided to not totally discontinue CDs. However we do plan on limiting CDs in the future.

Rosetta Stone Art Exhibition

We are proud to announce our sponsorship of the Rosetta Stone - Translation. Mutation. Art. exhibition presented by the Jeaner Kunstverein (Jena Art Society) in Jena Germany on June 26th 2009. This exhibition is based on an experimental workshop addressing the question of communication in art. Think of it as a game of Telephone communicated amongst the artists through their artwork. Among the artists involved in the art exhibition is our very own Zebulon Whatley of Sons of Perdition. Other artists taking part include: Christoph Mueller, Tinsel Edwards, Agnieszka Ledochowska and Henry Woller.

Musical support will be provided by the unsavory Cowboy Bob and Trailer Trash. It is also rumored that old Zeb might get drunk in the Holy Spirit and sing a few songs off his new album.

Make sure to stop by if you can for a night of art, music and alcoholic beverages.