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Links of Terror


Cowboy Bob and Trailer Trash - Total Hits: 1952
Redneck trailer trash krauts
Dick Dale - Total Hits: 2034
King of the Surf Guitar
Link Wray - Total Hits: 1975
Lonesome Wyatt - Total Hits: 1454
Miserable and loathsome music by Lonesome Wyatt of Those Poor Bastards
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Total Hits: 1516
Enter the Cave
Peter Murphy's Carver Combo - Total Hits: 1859
Read 'em and weep hippie!


Darkhorse - Total Hits: 1637
Evil comics for evil folks
Weissblech Comics - Total Hits: 1963
German horror comic: Horrorschocker (Deutsch)

GraveWax Alumni Bands

Brent Amaker and the Rodeo - Total Hits: 1904
Raise your glass, take a shot, and watch your back.
Goreknobs - Total Hits: 1866
Loud n' trashy garage from Texas - R.I.P
Lona and the Love Objects - Total Hits: 1526
Rock 'n' Roll, trashy garage from Germany R.I.P.
Those Poor Bastards - Total Hits: 1855
Primitive old-time gothic country music - Highly recommended!

GraveWax Bands

Rainer Hass - Total Hits: 1660
Psychopathic rantings of an insane mind set to music (English and German)
Sons of Perdition - Total Hits: 1929
Hell gapes wide for thee ye sinners
The Creepniks - Total Hits: 1773
Evil Texas Rock 'n' Roll, Spaghetti Western and Surf
The Route 66 Killers - Total Hits: 1729
Where Zombies, Murder and Surf Music Meet.
Yells From the Crypt - Total Hits: 1645
Even Satan himself shudders at the thought of it

GraveWax Partners

B.A.R. Brigade - Total Hits: 1495
Fanclub for Brent Amaker and The Rodeo - join now!. - Total Hits: 1399
Belt buckle knives. The fastest handiest knife you'll ever own.
Burnside Distribution Corporation - Total Hits: 1620
The exclusive distributor of GraveWax Records
Devil's Ruin Records - Total Hits: 1634
Fighting the same fight in the same fake genre
GraveWax Records Store on Amazon - Total Hits: 1170
View all our products available on
Headeez Booking - Total Hits: 1320
Booking aus Deutschland
Jay Cynik - Total Hits: 1546
A Rock-n-Roll Action Splatterfest!!! Director, screenwriter and producer of "I'm the Man Who Writes the Country Hits" video
Knucklehead Strings - Total Hits: 1778
Fine guitar and bass strings - committed to proving dad wrong!
Robot Monster - Total Hits: 1490
The Sound of Horror
Rock and Roll Attack - Total Hits: 1660
Out of Germany, gigs, bands, and other cool stuff
Rosetta Stone Art Exhibition - Total Hits: 1243
Art exhibiton in Jena Germany - featuring Zebulon Whately of Sons of Perdition, Christoph Mueller and many more. June 26th 2009
The PhonoVault - Total Hits: 1165
Yesterday's music of tomorrow, today

magazines / e-Zines

Banzai! Magazine - Total Hits: 1650
German magazine for Surf, Rock'n' Roll, Garage, etc.
Big Ole Face Full of Monster - Total Hits: 2440
A magazine for monsters and those who love them.
Black Angel Promotions - Total Hits: 2020
Read music reviews of dark music
Cadaver Girls - Total Hits: 1461
Putting the GORE into Gorgous
GuitarPlayerWorld - Total Hits: 396
Get tips and lessons to learning the guitar with videos and tabs.
Horror Garage - Total Hits: 1525
Sex, Death and Rock & Roll
Horror-Wood Webzine - Total Hits: 1587
For Classic And Cult Horror Movie And Monster Film Fans
Reverb Central - Total Hits: 1585
Phil Dirt surf Guru.
Rue Morgue Magazine - Total Hits: 1725
Horror in culture and entertainment
Sleaze Grinder - Total Hits: 1647
Last of the Rock & Roll Motherfuckers
Swampland Zine - Total Hits: 2596
Hotdamn! Git yer ass 'ore to the swampland, boy!

Sites we like

All Things - Total Hits: 1997
Your Zombie Resource Site!
Evilneedles - Total Hits: 1427
one woman punk rock sweatshop
Muddox Tatoo Studio - Total Hits: 2131
German tatoo studio for some of our GraveWax staff (Deutsch)
Palestine, Texas - Total Hits: 1662
The Maw of Hell - take it from us, folks!
Printing Center USA - Total Hits: 1919
Experience the convenience of fast, easy, affordable online printing
Sub Cutis - Total Hits: 1524
The official tatoo artist of the Route 66 Killers
Suzy Q Records - Total Hits: 1551
Home of Rev. Elvis, a really swell guy
The Best Page in the Universe - Total Hits: 1430
Truly the best page
The Tsunami Soul Page - Total Hits: 1539
Surf/rockabilly links, radio and other cool stuff
Women Behind Bars - Total Hits: 2218
Want a girlfriend?

Visual Artists

Agnieszka Ledochowska - Total Hits: 1543
Visual food to feast your eyes upon
Amok Lines - Total Hits: 2016
So zack da haste!
Madame Talbot - Total Hits: 1674
Victorian Lowbrow
Mueller's Journal - Total Hits: 2088
Dark illustrations - a must see.