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Peter Murphy's Carver Combo

December 19th 2011

We prayed long and hard for a new release from Peter Murphy's Carver Combo to whatever gods would listen. As fans, as fellow musicians, as degenerates... we just craved more songs. Their first album, the phenomenal "One Sin Between Me and the Lord," has been on constant rotation in our stereos since 2005. When we heard that they were reconvening for a new album, we vowed that we wou...

O Hosanna, the new Sons of Perdition album is finally here!

September 5th 2010

Ahoy, gentle lambs. After slaving away for an incalculable number of hours/days/weeks/months/years, I'm finally releasing "Psalms for the Spiritually Dead". It's only available as a download because I'm giving up the material trappings of this world in my ongoing quest to become an esoteric adept. For now, anyways, it won't exist in corporeal form and it won't be available on any of the big sites for a bit. Consider it an exclusive first peek....

Psalms for the Spiritually Dead

August 19th 2009

Psalms for the Spiritually Dead: The new Sons of Perdition album "Psalms or the Spiritually Dead" will be coming out soon. We haven't set a release date as of yet, but we'll post it soon. The black and vile ink of artist Christoph Mueller is to don the album cover. We've already added the track listing to our site, if you're curious to see which Psalms t...

Rosetta Stone Art Exhibition

June 12th 2009

We are proud to announce our sponsorship of the Rosetta Stone - Translation. Mutation. Art. exhibition presented by the Jeaner Kunstverein (Jena Art Society) in Jena Germany on June 26th 2009. This exhibition is based on an experimental workshop addressing the question of communication in art. Think of it as a game of Telephone communicated amongst th...

Rainer Hass Video / Vinyl

February 12th 2009

We've posted a video for Rainer Hass' "Das Schiff" (The Ship) on our YouTube Channel. The video was animated by S. Fleming. The video is in German, however we added English subtitles for the German language impaired. This is a small foretaste of the album to come. We know we've said it'll be coming out soon about a billion times, but this time we mean it. Subscribe to the Rainer Hass mailing ...

Now Available

Psalms for the Spiritually Dead' by Sons of Perdition

Sons of Perdition

"Psalms for the Spiritually Dead"

After years of endless toil, I'm pleased to drop this slab of despair into your lap. May it break your spirit down like a tree that's soft with disease and rot, as it's done to me. "Psalms for the

Now Available

Howdy Do' by Brent Amaker and the Rodeo

Brent Amaker and the Rodeo

"Howdy Do"

Get ready for some alcohol-laden, cheatin' outlaw country tunes with the second release "Howdy Do" by the international cowboys Brent Amaker and the Rodeo. This ain't no pop country, no sir-ee. You're

Now Available

Revenge of the Flies' by The Route 66 Killers

The Route 66 Killers

"Revenge of the Flies"

The Route 66 Killers' sophomore release "Revenge of the Flies" is a twelve track full length album of pure carnage. After almost four years since their debut "Murder on Beaver St.", the killers have d

Now Available

The Kingdom is On Fire' by Sons of Perdition

Sons of Perdition

"The Kingdom is On Fire"

The long anticipated album "The Kingdom is on Fire" by Sons of Perdition is a full length thirteen track, death country album. This collection of songs deals with revenge, hellfire and killing in the